Get drinking water
from the ocean
with an all-in-one
desalination system
activated by the
of the waves

To obtain freshwater from an autonomous desalination system means:
  • No electricity
  • Respectful of the environment
  • No land space
  • Low level of maintenancce

You can save up to 70% on your water bills by using a desalination solution that is adapted to your current and future needs.

Ideal for resorts, private islands and coastal communities

Scalable solution consisting of a group of buoys that provide specific volumes of drinking water. New buoys can be added depending on future needs in order to gradually move towards a complete water supply by the Oneka wave-powered desalination system.


Drinking water

The best way possible:

  • ZERO electricity
  • ZERO land space
  • ZERO CO2 emissions
  • UNLIMITED supply
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