About the team

Who's behind Oneka Technologies?

Dragan Tutic, P. Eng.

CEO & Founder

Visionary and result-driven entrepreneur, devoted to have a long-lasting impact on humanity by combining his problem-solving skills, business development sense and leadership which mobilizes people and capital. Mechanical engineer by training, with great capacity to develop and bring an innovation to commercial-ready product with optimized market fit.

Joël Dion, P. Eng, PhD

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Research and development background mechanical engineer with a PhD degree and 10 years of experience. He is a highly skilled engineer that solves extremely complex problems having dynamic systems with high degrees of freedom like the Oneka’s technology.

Christine Newton

Fractional CFO

25 years of experience as Auditor, Controller, and Director of Finance. Her background lies mainly in manufacturing but have been specializing over the past years, working with small, high-growth startup companies in the tech field.

Camille St-Pierre, BBA

Marketing, Communication & Business Intelligence Manager

Camille graduated in marketing and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about brand management and business development. Versatile, she is able to undertake various projects within Oneka.

Jean Luc Michaud, P. Eng.

Test Engineer

Jean-Luc is a professional mechanical engineer with 5 years in production and product development and testing. He was the lead test engineers for three desalination buoys.

Gilbert Perron, P. Eng.

Project Coordinator & Mechanical Design

Mechanical engineer graduated in 2014, with a background in equipment management and maintenance planning. He is a great team builder and structured engineer with a great planning capabilities.

Elliot Charron, P. Eng.

Lead Ocean Modelling

Elliot is a sailor since the age of 6 and has graduated in Ocean engineering from France. Among his endless skills, he is very knowledgable in hydrodynamic modelling and system simulation.

Alexandre Savard, CEP

Operations Manager

Passionate for sustainability, Alexandre has a bachelor's degree in engineering. Devoted for the future of the planet, he worked in plastics elimination and recycling for 5 years. He is now working on making the supply chain of Oneka the most cost effective and sustainable as possible.

Yannick Caron, P. Eng.

R&D Mechanical Designer

Yannick has a bachelor's degree in engineering with a background in R&D. He developed diversified products during his past experiences.

Daniel O'Brien

Mechanical Designer

In addition to his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Daniel holds a bachelor's degree in geography. In recent years, he has gained valuable experience working in the ocean technology sector in Nova Scotia.

Katie Brodersen

Mechanical Designer - Energetic Efficiency

Katie has graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Coming from the United States, her passion to solve water scarcity brings her to Québec. With experience in energy-efficient desalination and marine energy data analytics, Katie is currently working to enhance the efficiency of Oneka's wave-powered process plant.

Paskal Magier

Mechanical Designer

Paskal is in his final year at the École Centrale de Nantes. He specializes in ocean engineering and materials mechanics.

Adrien Vin, Jr. Eng.

Electronic Instrumentation Specialist

Adrien gratuated and started his career in the automative industry in France. His five years of experience allows him to add value to the onboard electronic systems of Oneka's buoys.

Sana Gassara, PhD

Desalination Expert

Sana has a PhD in chemistry in separative technologies with 10 years of experience in desalination. She synthesized her own membranes and is very knowledgable of the science behind desalination and pretreatment.

Vincent Blanchard, CEP

Systems Designer & Operator

Holder of a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Vincent has 7 years of experience as a designer, including in urban agriculture. Being passionate about sustainable development, he has a great interest in future technologies that would allow our society to become carbon neutral.

Sebastian Plotkin, CEP

Commissioning Manager

Support team

Jonathan Bouchard

M. Sc. Engineering

Electronic engineering and manufacturing

William Lemaire

M. Sc. Engineering

Programming and data collection

Arnaud Samson

M Sc. Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Advising team

Alain-Olivier Desbois

Board Member - Impact & Financing Advisor

Impact investors, advisor and business coach with more than 20 years experiences in the fields of Cleantech venture capital and impact investing. Alain-Olivier provides a hands-on coaching approach to entrepreneurs and managers for the creation, strategic development and the financing of start-ups and private impact funds. Alain-Olivier is passionate of designing and developing new business models and investment tools that integrate impact, sustainability, system change and life cycle thinking.

Shawn Meyer Steele

Advisor - Water Desalination Market Business Development

Advisor, partner, founder and investor in businesses related to equipment, systems and services in the water treatment and reuse technology and renewable energy sectors. Shawn is providing support to entities seeking to enter new markets and to existing entities that wish to introduce new products into our conservative industry. Over the course of 27 years of experience, he brought hundreds of projects to successful completion in over 55 countries.

Serge Laporte

Board Member - HR Committee Lead

Business executive with over 30 years of experience in business development, strategic planning in technology and service industries. Lead numerous strategic initiatives in business planning, IT transformation and leadership.

Colin Ryan

Board Member - Technical Committee Lead & Advisor

A mechanical engineer by training, Colin Ryan started his career in heavy industries including oil refining, metals processing and pollution abattement technologies as operator and global marketing and sales executive. He has been involved as investor, director and senior executive of early stage technology ventures active in the Cleantech industry.

Mark Lambert

Advisor - Desalination Market and Project Financing

Mark is actively involved in the water industry community. Mark is a senior executive with extensive experience in the Water and Environmental industries. Mark specializes in strategic planning, growth capital fund raising, transactional and acquisition support services in the water, clean energy and infrastructure markets serving developed and developing markets.
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