About the team

Who's behind Oneka Technologies?

Dragan Tutic

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Business strategy
Business development
Financing and partnership

Renaud Lafortune

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Product development
Project commissioning
Intellectual property

Émilie Couture-Brière

Business Development

New market development
Customer relationship

Elliott Charron

B. Engineering

Marine & hydrodynamic engineering
Numerical simulation & optimization

Jean Luc Michaud

B. Engineering

System testing & manufacturing

Gilbert Perron

Mechanical Engineer

Project management / planning
Hydraulic design

Yannick Caron

B. Engineering

System design & optimization

Sana Gassara

Chemical Engineer. PhD

Desalination process

Lola Gautreau

Hydrodynamic designer

System connection
Hydrodynamic simulation

Antoine Legrand

Mechanical designer

Marine components & design

Support team

Jonathan Bouchard

M. Sc. Engineering

Electronic engineering and manufacturing

William Lemaire

M. Sc. Engineering

Programming and data collection

Advising team

Alain-Olivier Desbois


Business strategy and financing
Impact investor and coach at Esplanade, SVX and EspaceINC.

Past: Co-founder at Cycle Capital
Investment director at CDPQ

Jan Kral


Business development and sales
Independent sales and marketing consultant

Past: VP sales at Concentric Ag.
Sales manager at Prinoth
Sales manager at Bombardier

Guy Belisle

Board member

Administration and finance
Senior partner at Groupe Conseil Bates

Past: Director (east of Canada) at Scotia Bank.
Administrator at AFP-Montréal

Shawn Meyer Steele


Desalination, Water Reuse & Renewable Industry Executive
Director at H2O Professionals
President of the Caribbean Desalination Association (CaribDA)
Board of Directors - International Desalination Association (IDA)
Editorial Board - Water, Desalination & Reuse

Past: Senior VP / Director Seven Seas Water
Senior VP Energy Recovery Inc.
General Sales Manager & Manager of International Operations Ionics Inc

Serge Laporte

Board member

Human resources and commercialization
Director at Cap stratégie inc.

Past: VP Sales at Belron Canada inc.
VP International sales at Nortel.
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