Oneka participates to the CaribDa 2016 Biennial Conference & Exposition, Trinidad & Tobago

From May 31 until until June 3rd, Oneka has participated to the CaribDa 2016 Biennial Conference and Exposition. The event gathers many important stakeholders in the […]

Oneka Technologies wins OJIQ 2016 Grand Prize

The LOJIQ  2018 Awards Ceremony: Oneka Technologies’ Renaud Lafortune and Dragan Tutić win the LOJIQ Grand Prix for their participation in the promotion of Quebec During […]

2016 Pierre Péladeau Bursaries $100,000 to support young entrepreneurs

Quebecor is pleased to award the Pierre Péladeau Bursaries for the 18th consecutive year to support the next generation of Québec entrepreneurs. This year, the Corporation has again […]

2nd generation system tested in North Carolina

The second-generation unit has been designed from scratch following the first-generation unit installed in late 2014. It is now a hydraulic system that only uses seawater […]

Oneka visits Asia

« I believe your product may become a groundbreaking product for the islands in Maldives. » – Mohamed Nimal, PDG, Fenaka Corp. 2015 The last month was a […]
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