Fort Bragg ResilienSea Project

The City of Fort Bragg and Oneka Technologies Partner to Deploy the First Wave-Powered Desalination Demonstration Site in California

Fort Bragg’s Blue Economy Initiative

The City of Fort Bragg has decided to pursue a strategic approach to opportunities that are part of the Blue Economy. This vision for the economic development of the region is based on a number of pillars including renewable energy, aquaculture, ocean resilience, protection of ocean ecosystems, mitigation, sequestration and adaptation, emission reduction, marine cleantech, and promoting jobs in the environmental sphere.

Given the combination of the water needs of the city, the Blue Economy Initiative, and the potential of the California coast for wave-powered desalination with its 840 miles of coastline and powerful, year-round waves, it was a natural fit for the City of Fort Bragg to partnered with Oneka to deploy the first wave-powered desalination demonstration site in the state.

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Oneka’s mission is to make the oceans a sustainable and affordable source of freshwater. The company offers solutions that turn seawater into freshwater, using only the renewable energy from ocean waves. The goal of this demonstration project is to display the benefits of Oneka’s desalination technology, on all facets of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental, representing a first stepping stone to address challenges of water security for Fort Bragg, as well as other coastal communities.

How does the technology work?


Benefits of using Oneka's solution


  • Zero GHG emissions: our solution doesn’t emit any GHG and saves 1 ton of CO2e per year for each m3 of fresh water produced daily. This means that the 12-month pilot project would save 50 tons of CO2e.
  • Low-impact brine : the Oneka system brine is only 30-50% saltier than that of the ocean and is discharged near the surface in an active water column, so the brine is quickly returned to the salinity of the ocean.
  • Safe intake : designed with 60 micron mesh (smaller than the thickness of a human hair), to ensure the safety of marine ecosystems.
  • No land space required : the entire process takes place offshore, which preserves terrestrial ecosystems. 


  • Creation of local jobs: working with local agencies and hiring local operators to ensure marine operations and maintenance of our systems.
  • Drought proof water solution : increase community’s resilience to water scarcity


  • Support the economic development of the region : as water is necessary for life and many industrial activities 



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