Spotter Buoys Sighted in Fort Bragg

Oneka Technologies, who developed some sustainable desalination solutions that use exclusively the renewable energy from the ocean waves to turn seawater into freshwater, is working with the Californian authorities to obtain permission to place spotter buoys along the Fort Bragg coast, before starting its demonstration project.

What are spotter buoys?

About the size of a basketball, spotter buoys will be used to gather some data related to the wave patterns of the region. This data will allow Oneka Technologies to better understand the environment in which it will deploy its demonstration unit.

Oneka’s solutions in California

Oneka’s solutions provide Californians with a responsibly produced water source without compromising the environment. They emit no GHGs, require no land space and release only low-salinity brine. The company will hire locally for O&M, as well as provide lower cost water with no investment by the City. This new water source will increase the resiliency of the city’s residents in addition to supporting economic development of the region.

To learn more about the Fort Bragg demonstration project and stay informed as the project progresses, please sign-up for “Blue Economy” e-notifications through the City’s website.

What will happen before the deployment of the unit?

  • Permitting: The State of California invested $1.5 million in grant funds to support the City of Fort Bragg and Oneka Technologies pilot project. The project is in its early stages of permitting – local, State and Federal agencies as well as a very experienced California environmental firm are working together closely to ensure compliance with the many laws and regulations in place to protect the environment.
  • Seawater Sampling: Seawater samples were taken during the summer of 2023 to better understand its composition.
  • Area Surveys: A survey of the ocean floor and of sensitive species in the areas was conducted to understand the flora and fauna of the surrounding.
  • Communication Outreach: Oneka and the City of Fort Bragg will be working collectively with the Noyo Collective, the West Center and the Harbour Master as well as others to ensure community’s involvement and to keep everyone informed along the way.

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To learn more about the Fort Bragg demonstration project and stay informed as the project progresses, please sign-up for e-notifications