Oneka's R&D Initiative
near Eastern Passage

Testing a wave-powered buoy southeast of Hartlen Point

Introduction to the Project

This summer and fall, Oneka Technologies plans to conduct a research and development demonstration near Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, focused on advancing our sustainable wave-powered desalination technology. Our buoy will be positioned approximately 4 km southeast of Hartlen Point in the Atlantic Ocean, about 5 km away from Eastern Passage and Cow Bay. The buoy will not be equipped with a desalination system and will be positioned in an area of low marine traffic outside Halifax Harbor shipping lanes. All activities will take place outside the lobster LFA 33 lobster fishing season. 


Objective of the R&D project 

The objective of this demonstration project is to acquire high quality data about the forces that the buoy experiences in these sea conditions and improve the performance of our technology. The buoy will not produce freshwater nor be equipped with a desalination system. This location, with its proximity to the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), is highly accessible to marine personnel and allows us to continuously evaluate and monitor the behavior of the buoy.

The buoy is towable by a small vessel and able to be removed from its location within a couple of hours. It may be removed temporarily if, for example, a significant weather event is forecasted to impact the area where the buoy is located.

The insights gained will directly contribute to the advancement of our sustainable technology, which provide low-cost, emission-free freshwater to coastal communities around the world that are increasingly being impacted by water scarcity issues. 

Operational Timeline

The test will be conducted for up to 4 months during the summer and fall of 2024. 

About Oneka Technologies

Oneka’s mission is to make the oceans a sustainable and affordable source of freshwater. The company offers solutions that turn seawater into freshwater, using only the renewable energy of ocean waves, for coastal communities and industries facing water scarcity around the globe.

Commitment to the Community

We are committed to maintaining transparent and open communication with the fishing community throughout this project. Ensuring that our activities align with local schedules and environmental stewardship is a top priority. We welcome your insights and feedback as we strive to improve water accessibility while respecting our shared marine environment.

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