Project Manager – Product Development

Want to change the world in your own way? Would you like to join an ambitious team with the same goal: to make the oceans a sustainable source of fresh water? This job is for you!

Who we are

Oneka Technologies is a growing Sherbrooke-based company, with operations in Florida and Chile, dedicated to making the oceans a sustainable, accessible and affordable source of fresh water.
On a day-to-day basis, Oneka is a team of some fifty passionate individuals, working in fields as varied as mechanical engineering, electronics, marketing, operations management and water desalination, who think big and go for it. With us, no day is the same, and challenges come in droves! Looking for a stimulating challenge, in a team with plenty of it? This is the place for you!
Your role as a Product Manager at Oneka

As a Product Manager at Oneka, you will be responsible for guiding your team towards achieving their objectives in the design of our products and their constant innovation. As an experienced mechanical engineer and project management expert, you will coordinate the priorities of your team members, closely monitor the progress of your project, and lend a helping hand with your technical skills.

More specifically, here’s a summary of your responsibilities at Oneka:

  • Prepare and define product or system development projects, including :
    • Project work
    • Prioritization of activities
    • Resource requirements
  • Assign responsibilities and tasks to team members;
  • Ensure proper execution of projects in terms of time, quality and budget;
  • Be proactive in identifying risks and opportunities;
  • Mobilize the team for the success of projects and the company;
  • Support the implementation of processes within the company;
  • Ensure good liaison, follow-up and coordination with partners;
  • Ensure high quality of project results, including documentation;
  • Coordinate analyses, technical reviews and design approvals of products developed;
  • Any other tasks related to managing the delivery of an innovative product to our manufacturing team.

You belong at Oneka if you have :

  • A BAC in mechanical engineering and several years’ experience as a mechanical engineer;
  • Considerable experience managing a variety of projects in a fast-paced, high-growth environment;
  • Significant experience in managing multidisciplinary teams and in setting and achieving objectives;
  • The ability to make decisions in a pragmatic way, taking into account all relevant elements available (or not!);
  • A strong sense of planning, rigor and analysis, and the ability to think ahead;
  • An ability to see the strengths in everyone and position them in situations to capitalize on them;
  • Strong communication and team-building skills.

It’s a little extra if you also have these assets in your pocket:

  • Fluency in English (as we operate in a bilingual environment);
  • Knowledge of the marine environment.

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