Oneka announces a new partnership with Chilean company REDE

Oneka Technologies signs an agreement with REDE for Development in Chile

Oneka Technologies is pleased to announce that it signed an agreement with REDE (Renewable Energy Development Enterprise) which is developing projects in Chile and bringing renewable energy solutions. Chile is a country facing frequent droughts and has to import its fuel, making conventional desalination an inadequate solution to solve water scarcity. However, the country is rich in wave energy, and Oneka is excited to collaborate with REDE to turn that resource into a sustainable and affordable source of drinking water.

”Chile being one of the world´s richest countries in wave power, this new alliance between REDE and Oneka will bring new opportunities for desalinated water in remote communities as well as for different industries such as mining, thus positioning Oneka’s technologies as a viable and affordable solution.” Arturo Troncoso. Executive Director. REDE.