Welcome to Susan Hunt, new Chief Innovation Officer

Oneka is pleased to welcome Susan Hunt as Chief Innovation Officer. Susan brings over 20 years of expertise in ocean product development and technology commercialization, ocean innovation portfolio management, R&D business development and marine-based operations to this position. She has an exceptional ability to realize change through thought leadership, service, inclusion and collaboration, and will be a great asset to our organization. Leading our Innovation team, Susan will manage and oversee the development and commercialization of Oneka’s new products and technology concepts.

Susan’s Background

Susan is currently the President Elect of the Marine Technology Society, a global network of marine professionals that is advancing the world’s new blue economy and ocean workforce.  Before joining Oneka, she held the position of founding Chief Technology Officer at Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC), a national multisectoral initiative that is accelerating the development of sustainable ocean solutions and Canada’s ocean ecosystem. Susan was part of the executive team that won founding investment in 2018 and created the OSC.  She helped scale the organization to over $400M of activity and renew its mandate. 

Prior to joining OSC, Susan worked for Energy Research & Innovation NL developing and overseeing joint industry projects for Canada’s offshore energy industry.  She also held the role of Vice President of Operations at Mad Rock Marine Solutions, a lifeboat evacuation system designer and producer. Earlier in her career, Susan was a Director of Business Development for Mitacs, and a Product Development Manager and Naval Architect at Brunswick Boat Group.

Susan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Ocean and Naval Architecture from Memorial University, a Master’s Science degree in Information Systems from University of Washington and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Washington.

We are delighted to welcome Susan to the Oneka team!