MaRINET2 testing

In the next two weeks, the team will have the opportunity  to test its desalination technology in a controlled environment, a wave simulator in Nantes, France. MaRINET2 is a network of European partners, involving research centers and organizations working together to advance offshore marine renewable energy (EMR) technologies such as waves, tides and offshore wind. This pan-European network offers companies, start-ups and researchers developing EMR technologies access to EMR specialists and to the main platforms for testing waves, tides and offshore wind. MaRINET2 approved Oneka’s call for projects and awarded the team  two weeks of testing for their innovative desalination at the LHEEA wave tank (Research Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment), Nantes.

The goal of the project is to allow Oneka to simulate its machine in an accelerated manner in a basin where the parameters are controlled. To make such a test in the sea would be impossible since it is too variable. Thus, the company will be able to better know the performance of its units under various operating conditions; evaluate the resistance of the machine in storms (equivalent to a hurricane) and optimize the performance with new geometries. The purpose of this trip is to help the company build more robust systems able to survive storms.