Want to be part of the Oneka Technologies team?

Marketing, communication and business intelligence manager

The marketing, communications and business intelligence manager will be a key person in the organization and will work in close partnership with the CEO. The employee will have a key role to ensure an important visibility and credibility of Oneka throughout the company’s strategic markets to adequately reflect the true status of Oneka. In addition, she/he will be exploring client opportunities (data mining, associations, events, etc.) as well as supporting the company’s client sales pipeline.

Instrumentation/Electronics specialistEngineer or experienced technician

The purely mechanical technology still requires electronics to collect data and continuously improve the products. The versatile employee will collaborate closely with the product development and test engineers to integrate all the required electronic hardware as well as software. The team currently works only with external consultants, but the growing in this field with the multiplying projects requires an internal employee to lead the works. The position includes a combination of physical works like assembling, soldering, waterproofing as well as pure designing, programming etc.

Project manager, globetrotter and marine operator

The Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring the proper deployment of projects by coordinating different contractors and ensuring the proper operation of the Oneka buoy farms. This will involve preventive maintenance and repairs that generally take place at sea.

Process/Desalination engineer

The engineer will be in charge of optimizing the configuration of the design, both on the efficiency as well as assembly of the water treatment components; As the process engineer, she/he will be in charge of making the water treatment process as cost-effective and reliable as possible in addition to improving its user-friendliness.

Mechanical/Industrial Engineer in system design and inovation

The design engineer will be responsible for the design of various components and assemblies of the pumping and desalination systems. This includes structural, hydraulic, mechanical, sealing design, etc. and many other associated challenges. With several design engineers on the team, Oneka aims to leverage everyone’s expertises and strengths.

Chief Technological Officer / VP of engineering

The CTO will be a key person in the organization and will work in close partnership with the CEO. The CTO will develop a deep understanding of our product to bring it to utility scale applications and is critical to the support the company's growth. She/he will strengthen further the current corporate culture, organization, structure to complement product market fit and improve strategic planning.
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