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Looking for a new challenge? Even if your dreamed opportunity isn't listed below, the fast-paced Oneka growth will require talented & passionate individuals from many different fields to achieve its endeavors: management, sales, marketing, project development, engineering, maintenance, operations, manufacturing, permitting, legal, finance among other things. Be sure to remain on the top of our mind by sending us your resume and how you'd achieve your impactful mission you want to accomplish!

Job Opportunities

Vice-President Of Engineering

The VP of engineering will be a key person in the organization and will work in close partnership with the COO & CEO initially. His/her role will be primarily to ensure a motivating and efficient engineering department that is able to deliver quality products to the field operations’ team in time for the company’s plans.

Finance Director

The finance director is responsible for the production and management of internal finances for the company.

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

The marketing and communication coordinator will have a key role to ensure the visibility and credibility of Oneka throughout the company’s strategic markets. In addition, she/he will be involved in various tasks related to commercial activities.

Process/Desalination Engineer

The engineer will be in charge of optimizing the configuration of the design, both on the efficiency as well as assembly of the water treatment components; As the process engineer, she/he will be in charge of making the water treatment process as cost-effective and reliable as possible in addition to improving its user-friendliness.

Mechanical Drafter-Designer

As part of a growing design team, the drafter-designer is responsible for designing various components of Oneka’s unique desalination systems. This includes structural, hydraulic, and mechanical design under the supervision of engineers.

Mechanical Engineer in Digital Simulation

The simulation engineer will be responsible for the structural optimization of our components with the aim of reducing overall mass. This includes the structure of the buoys and anchors, the floats as well as the hydraulic components designed internally.

Mechanical/Industrial Engineer in System Design and Innovation

The design engineer will be responsible for the design of various components and assemblies of the pumping and desalination systems. This includes structural, hydraulic, mechanical, sealing and many other associated challenges.

Executive Assistant

The executive assistant will play an important role in supporting the CEO with administrative and executive support-related tasks. This includes maintaining their schedule and meetings, working on communications, helping in meeting obligations or commitments, working closely with other departments and helping manage the office.


The buyer is responsible for purchases for production and for Reseach and Development as well as managing logistics operations and producing the required documentation.

Commissioning Engineer (Field Project Manager)

The Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring the development and deployment of projects by overseeing various contractors and ensuring the proper installation of production buoys.

Installation Site Coordinator & System Operator

The coordinator will be responsible for managing the various maintenance activities within the building and ensuring some repairs and the effective functioning of our buoy parks.

Maritime/Workshop Technician

The maritime technician will be supporting local operations to maintain, improve and operate the desalination buoys as well as executing various works at the workshop to support project operations and product improvements.
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